How does the TummyTie® differ from other products on the market?

There really isn't anything that compares with TummyTie.
From feedback received from our very happy customers we’ve come up with the below points of difference:

  • Discreet, minimal design and streamlined appearance = simple, comfortable, effective & aesthetically pleasing when worn
  • High density elastic retains elasticity and shape, extremely durable (unlike other products)
  • Patented design of going through the buttonhole means TummyTie stretches depending upon how much pressure your tummy puts on it = great versatility. TummyTie works if you are bloated through to full term pregnancy
  • Minimal design = prolonged comfort throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy and will never cause pressure on the growing baby. Also means TummyTie is cool when worn throughout warmer weather.
  • Patented design of going through the buttonhole means TummyTie holds the pants together (and flat) at the top, and stops the zipper from slipping down (unlike other products)
  • TummyTie can be worn the reverse way around on slide fastened pants if they have a button and buttonhole on the inside (and is soft and comfortable against the skin)
  • Very affordable price makes it an ideal purchase, and great value for money
  • The majority of women have more than one child. If another product has been previously purchased and ineffective, TummyTie is an excellent, effective and affordable alternative product

How much does TummyTie cost?

In Australia, the recommended retail price is $19.95 per pack

(Pack comprises: 2 x medium Tummy Tie’s in black and white, 1 x large Tummy Tie in black)

How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE per TummyTie Pack AUSTRALIA WIDE
Delivery internationally is a set price of only $4.95 per TummyTie pack WORLDWIDE

I don’t wear low rise jeans, and I put on weight elsewhere - will TummyTie still work?

When pregnant, weight gain will always be predominantly around the waistline, and increase more here than anywhere else. So YES TummyTie will still work for you in your clothes that may be higher waisted. You may need to team it up with a long singlet or your favourite maternity top sooner than you would with low rise pants.
Similarly, if you gain weight around your thighs and buttocks and need to go up a size in your clothes, your tummy is still going to grow more than anywhere else, so TummyTie will continue to work for you.

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