TummyTie Story

Being pregnant for the first time I wanted a clothing accessory that maintained my individual sense of style and prolonged the life of my current clothes, especially my favourite pair of jeans. I love the maternity fashion that is now available, but not all of us are able to fit in to maternity jeans or other pregnancy clothes from day one of our pregnancy; and some days buttons need to remain undone (especially in the first trimester when morning sickness is upon us)! I wanted something that was simple to use, discreet yet stylish, comfortable when worn, worked on front, side and back fastening garments ... and to be honest, just did the job intended.

I felt there was a need in today's market for a sleek waistband extender which enabled women to continue to look and feel great, and remain in their own clothes longer throughout periods of weight gain and loss.

So I designed the TummyTie®.

It is all of the above and more. TummyTie understands what every woman needs from day one. It grows with you as your baby does, and then helps out again post-pregnancy as you're getting back to your original shape. It is such a versatile accessory you don’t have to be pregnant to wear a TummyTie. It is also perfect for pre-menstrual or post-operative bloating, menopause and fluctuating weight.

Made of durable, high quality elastic material, TummyTie really works and is affordable for every woman.

So continue to feel great, look your best and expand your wardrobe with TummyTie®.


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